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Bachelor of Arts in Japanese (120 units)

The Bachelor of Arts program in Japanese at CSULB is designed to provide students with linguistic and cultural preparation supported by international perspectives and understanding of humanities for personal, social, intellectual and cognitive development as well as development of skills for economic self-sufficiency in the ever-intertwining world of global economy. It emphasizes pragmatic language studies aiming for acquisition of communication skills through communication based instruction, and providing knowledge of language and culture to develop appropriate understanding and attitudes for intercultural communication.

Planning a Program of Study

The student and undergraduate advisor should plan a coherent program that both fulfills the requirements of the major and covers the student's areas of interest in allied fields outside the Japanese language.

Students with background in Japanese language competency gained through home use or through primary or secondary school work in the U.S. or Japan must take a placement test administered by the department.

Students are encouraged to study in Japan, either through the CSU Study Abroad Program or independently, after completing at least two years of study (or its equivalent) of Japanese at CSULB.

Residence Requirement for the Majors

At least five upper division courses required for the major must be completed successfully at CSULB. Students are encouraged, however, to complete up to a year of their language study in approved programs of study abroad.


A minimum of 36 units is required. JAPN 201 and 202 are prerequisite to the major and may be satisfied by appropriate high school preparation or by examination.

Lower Division (3 units):

Take the following course:

  • AAAS 100 Asian Eats (3)
    Prerequisites: None

Upper Division (33 units):

Take all the following courses:

  • JAPN 301 Advanced Japanese (3)
    Prerequisites: JAPN 202 or equivalent as determined by instructor.
  • JAPN 302 Advanced Japanese (3)
    Prerequisites: JAPN 301 or equivalent as determined by instructor.
  • JAPN 311 Advanced Spoken Japanese (3)
    Prerequisites: JAPN 202 or equivalent as determined by instructor.
  • JAPN 312 Advanced Spoken Japanese (3)
    Prerequisites: JAPN 311 or equivalent as determined by instructor.
  • AAAS 492 Senior Research Seminar (3)
    Prerequisites: Upper-division standing in Asian Studies, Japanese, Chinese Studies or Asian American Studies Programs.

Take 15 units from selection A and 3 units from selection B:

A. Language and Language Related Courses (15 units) selected from:

  • JAPN 350, JAPN 371, JAPN 385, JAPN 421, JAPN 422, JAPN 451, JAPN 452, JAPN 453, JAPN 461, JAPN 462, JAPN 463, JAPN 471, JAPN 481, JAPN 490, JAPN 492, JAPN 497;

B. Japanese or Japan-related Civilization and Intercultural Courses (3 units) selected from:

  • Any upper division ASAM 319, ASAM 330, ASAM 335, ASAM 340, ASAM 345, ASAM 407; A/ST 306, A/ST 307, A/ST 309, A/ST 320, A/ST 336, A/ST 393; CHIN 321, CHIN 370, CHIN 390, CHIN 421

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