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Minor in International Studies


This minor consists of a minimum of 18 units together with at least three years of college level of study (or equivalent proficiency) in a language (other than English) relevant to the student's program of study in International Studies.

Requirements Not Included in Major

Foreign Language:

  • Three years of college level study or equivalent proficiency demonstrated in a language appropriate to the program of study.

Lower Division (9 units):

Take the following courses:

  • I/ST 100 Global Citizenship (3)
    Prerequisite/Corequisite: one GE A1 course
  • I/ST 200 Introduction to International Studies (3)
    Prerequisite: GE Foundation requirements.
  • I/ST 222 Skills and Methods for Global Leadership (3)
    Prerequisite: GE Foundation requirements.

Upper Division (9 units):

  • Nine units selected from the courses grouped in the International Studies Core as this group is defined for the Bachelor of Arts degree in International Studies.

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