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Minor in Middle Eastern Studies


A minimum of 18 units.


Minimum twelve (12) units:

At least three units must be in History of the Middle East (HIST 320 or HIST 432/532) .

  • ARAB 101A, ARAB 101B, ARAB 201A, ARAB 201B, HIST 320, HIST 394, HIST 417, HIST 432/532; I/ST 405; R/ST 331; POSC 367.


Must take a minimum of six additional units, selected with an advisor, from the following courses without repeating courses from the core:

  • ARAB 101A, ARAB 101B, ARAB 201A, ARAB 201B; AH 116; AH 465/565; CWL 104, CWL 402/502; GEOG 309; HIST 320, HIST 393, HIST 394, HIST 417, HIST 418/518, HIST 432/532, I/ST 405, POSC 367; R/ST 331

Three of these units may be taken from the following courses, which have a global and comparative perspective, without repeating courses from core:

  • CWL 449A, HIST 440/540; WGSS 401; R/ST 200, R/ST 458/558, HIST 395.

*Other languages of the Middle East may be substituted with the approval of the Director of the program.


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