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Bachelor of Arts in History (120 units)


Majors must take 48 units of history: 9 lower-division and 39 upper-division.

1. Core (15 units):

Take the following courses with a grade of "C" or better:

  • HIST 301 Methodology of History (4)
    Prerequisite: History majors only.
  • HIST 302 Theory and History (4)
    Prequisite: HIST 301. Required of all History majors. Must be taken in the semester immediately following successful completion of HIST 301.

Take the following course:

  • HIST 499 Senior Seminar (4)
    Prerequisites: HIST 301, HIST 302; 18 units of upper-division course work in History; at least two courses (6 units) of which must be in the 499 seminar's area of concentration.
  • (HIST 301 MUST be taken in the first semester of upper-division course work in the major. HIST 301 is a prerequisite for HIST 302, and both courses are prerequisites for HIST 499.)

Take one history course that fulfills the gender, race, and ethnicity requirement (from a list of approved courses available from the Undergraduate Advisor).

2. Fields of emphasis (18 units)

Option One: two fields of nine units each.

Option Two: three fields of six units each.

Select the fields from the following:

  • A. Africa and the Middle East
  • B. Ancient and Medieval Europe
  • C. Asia
  • D. Latin America
  • E. Modern Europe (Including Britain)
  • F. United States
  • G. World

History B.A. students with a field of concentration in Modern European history must take either HIST 330 or HIST 331.

History B.A. students with a field of concentration in United States history must have, at the minimum, one course in U.S. history numbered 372-379 or 380A or 380B, and one course in U.S. history at the 400 level.

3. Breadth (6 units):

  • Take six units in a field (or fields) of history outside of their fields of emphasis.

4. Develop a portfolio (beginning with HIST 301) reflecting work in the History major. The portfolio will be evaluated as one of the requirements in the senior seminar (HIST 499). Complete 18 units of upper-division work in the major.

NOTE: History majors are strongly encouraged to include the study of foreign language and literature in their programs. Students working for a single-subject credential in secondary education must consult with the College's secondary education advisor as to the applicable credential major requirements.

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