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Minor in Global Migration Studies

The Minor in Global Migration Studies is a interdisciplinary program to provide students with an understanding of migration's causes, effects, and impacts and a critical comparative framework for migrant's experiences (history, gender, and culture). The core represents courses that have a wide survey of different migrant groups and provide a foundation for the more focused courses in the comparative framework.

Courses used to meet the certificate requirement may, where applicable, also be used simultaneously to meet General Education requirements or the major and minor requirements of cooperating departments.


Consultation with the program advisor to select courses that address at least two different migrant populations and include no more than 9 units from any department.

Completion of 18 upper division units distributed as follows:

A. Core (6 units)

Take the following course:

  • I/ST 320 Migration and Modernity (3)
    Prerequisite: Completion of all GE Foundation courses. Students must have scored 11 or higher on the GWAR Placement Examination or successfully completed the necessary portfolio course that is a prerequisite for a GWAR Writing Intensive Capstone (subject to approval by the General Education Governing Committee (GEGC)).

Take one of the following survey courses:

  • ANTH 444, CAFF 322, CDFS 410, ECON 341, EDEL / LING 431, GEOG 360, HSC 407, SOC 358

B. Comparative Framework (9 units)

Take one of the following History courses:

  • ANTH 473, ASAM 335, ASAM 407; A/ST 310; CHLS 300, CHLS 335, CHLS 350, CHLS 430; SOC 340; HIST 362, HIST 370, HIST 372, HIST 412, HIST 435, HIST 440, HIST 441, HIST 443, HIST 460, HIST 470, HIST 471, HIST 473, HIST 475, HIST 486, HIST 491

Take one of the following Gender courses:

  • AFRS 454I; ASAM 381; CHLS 415; GEOG 462; HIST 485A, WGSS 307, WGSS 320, WGSS 401, WGSS 432, WGSS 445A, WGSS 485A

Take one of the following Culture courses:

  • AFRS/AIS/ASAM/CHLS 319, ASAM 330, ASAM 331, ASAM 332, ASAM 333, ASAM 334, ASAM 352, ASAM 354; CHLS 352; EDEL 434, EDEL 455C, EDEL 455K, EDEL 455V; ITAL 345; SOC 341

C. Culminating Experience (3 units)

Take a thesis or directed study with any member of the Faculty Advisory Board:

  • ASAM 499; HDEV 470, HDEV 499; I/ST 492, I/ST 499; SOC 495, SOC 499; WGSS 498, WGSS 499

Global Migration Studies


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