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520. Forecasting (2)

Prerequisites: GLG 560.
A comprehensive introduction to forecasting in economics and business. Topics covered include statistical graphics, trends, seasonality, cycles, forecast construction, forecast evaluation and forecast combination.
Letter grade only (A-F).

530. Introduction to Optimization Methods in Transportation (3)

Prerequisities: ECON 500.
Optimization methods applied to transportation problems. Introduction to optimization, simple calculus-based function optimization, linear programming, simplex method and computer based solution of linear programming problems. Introduction to network flow, dynamic programming. Practical considerations for large problems; optimal and near optimal solutions.
Letter grade only (A-F).

540. Benefit-Cost Analysis for Logistics (2)

Prerequisites: Consent of instructor.
Introduces benefit-cost analysis. Discussion of private costs and benefits, social costs and benefits, and project analysis.
Letter grade only (A-F).

556. Economics of Logistics Management (3)

Prerequisite: ECON 500.
Analysis and design of domestic and international logistics systems. Topics include: transportation, warehousing, inventory control, materials management, systems design and organization.
Not open for credit to students with credit in ECON 556. Letter grade only (A-F).

560. Research Methods for Global Logistics (3)

Prerequisite: ECON 500.
Applications of research methods to topics in logistics. Topics include: developing a research question, performing a literature review, data collection, and statistical analysis.
Letter grade only (A-F).

570. International Trade and Finance for Logistics (2)

Prerequisites: Consent of instructor.
Examines theories of trade, tariffs, customs, foreign exchange market and international financial institutions.
Letter grade only (A-F).

595. Field Studies Practicum in Logistics (3)

Prerequisites: Consent of instructor.
Practical experience, at a management level, in an appropriate logistics firm.
Letter grade only (A-F)

655. Seminar in Global Logistics (3)

Prerequisites: Completion of at least 27 units in the M.A.G.L.
A capstone seminar in global logistics. Major research project to integrate knowledge of global logistics. Research paper and oral presentation of research.
Not open for credit to students with credit in ECON 655. Letter grade only (A-F).

690. Selected Topics in Global Logistics (1-3)

Prerequisites: Consent of instructor.
Topics of current interest in global logistics selected for intensive study.
Letter grade only (A-F). May be repeated to a maximum of 6 units with different topics in the same semester. Topics announced in the Schedule of Classes.

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