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Minor in German

Requirements: 20 to 36 units, depending on language competency.

Language Competency:

Students must achieve intermediate competency in German equivalent to 201B prior to enrolling in upper division coursework.  The total number of lower-division units depends on the student’s existing language competency and can range from 0 to 16 units depending on placement.
Students should consult with the undergraduate advisor regarding demonstration of existing language competency.

Upper Division Requirements:

A minimum of 20 upper division units. The Minor in German is available to any non-German major.

Take the following courses:

  • GERM 301 Fiction and Fact: Short Texts (3)
    Prerequisite: GERM 201B or equivalent. Intensive practice and the consolidation of the basic language skills: reading comprehension, composition, and conversation.
  • GERM 302 Language of the German Media (3)
    Prerequisite: GERM 201B or equivalent.
  • GERM 415 Survey of German Literature and Culture I (3)
    Prerequisites: Completion of GE Foundation requirements and upper-division standing in German.
  • GERM 416 Survey of German Literature and Culture II (3)
    Prerequisite: GE Foundation requirements.

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