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Director: Paul Laris

Department Office: PH1-210

Telephone: 562-985-8432


Email: prog–

Undergraduate Advisor: Monica Argandona

Administrative Support Coordinators: Maggie Munoz, Carol Philipp

Faculty: Jake Alimahomed-Wilson (Sociology), Monica Argandona (ES&P), W. Frank Baber (Graduate Center for Public Policy and Administration), Austin Beahm (Geography), Richard J. Behl (Geological Sciences), Stuart R. Berryhill (Chemistry and Biochemistry), Suzanne Dallman (Geography), Stanley C. Finney (Geological Sciences), Elaine Frey (Economics), George Hart (English), Gregory J. Holk (Geological Sciences), Paul Laris (Geography), Carl Lipo (Anthropology), Xeumei Liu (Economics), Wade E. Martin (Economics), Martin McCarthy (ES&P), Steve Mezyk (Chemistry), Bruce Perry (Geological Sciences), Nancy Quam-Wickham (History), Christine M. Rodrigue (Geography), Lora Stevens (Geological Sciences), Dean Toji (Asian and Asian-American Studies), Reza Toossi (Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering), Dessie Underwood (Biological Sciences), Carla Weaver (Geological Sciences), Suzanne P. Wechsler (Geography), Christine Whitcraft (Biological Sciences)

Career Possibilities

Environmental Analyst • Teacher • Ecologist • Geochemist • Environmental Impact Report Writer • Community Development Specialist • Urban Planner • Environmental Planner • Peace Corps • Non-Governmental Organization Activist • Mass Media (Journalism, Radio, Television) • Environmental Advocate • Environmental Consultant • Public Relations • Public Policy Administrator • Environmental Law • Environmental Health • Environmental Economics • Environmental Toxicology • Sustainable Development Specialist • Green Business (For more information, see


The Environmental Science and Policy (ES&P) degrees program is jointly housed in the College of Liberal Arts and the College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics, reflecting its inherent interdisciplinary nature. A Bachelor of Arts and a Bachelor of Science as well as a minor are available.

See the ES&P web-page for details. We highly encourage B.A. students to double major or seek a minor in a closely related discipline such as anthropology, economics, geography, international studies or political science. Students in the B.S. degree program are encouraged to double major or seek a minor in anthropology, biology, chemistry, earth science, ecology, economics, geography, geology, or political science.

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