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Dean: David Wallace

Associate Dean: Beth Manke

Associate Dean: Daniel J. O'Connor

Director, Facilities Planning and Technology: Chris Burnett

Director of Research: Kim Vu

Director of Development: Howie Fitzgerald

Administrative Services Manager: Terie Bostic

Director, Advising and Teaching Liberal Arts Students (ATLAS): Bron Pellissier

Coordinator, Student Life and Development: Anna Nazarian-Peters (562) 985-8528

Executive Assistant to the Deans: Valerie Christian

Educational Policy/Curriculum Coordinator: Julie Ortiz

Fiscal Coordinator: Joyce Morte

College Office: McIntosh Humanities Building, Room 209

Telephone: (562) 985-5381

FAX: (562) 985-2463

Credential Advisors

  • English - Kathleen Kerin (985-4215)
  • Italian, French, German, Spanish - Cynthia Leathers (985-2200)
  • Japanese - Hiroko Kataoka (985-4030)
  • Latin - Kathryn Chew - (985-5810)
  • Social Science - Tim Keirn (985-4428)


The College of Liberal Arts provides courses in the Humanities and Social Sciences for all university students, as well as for majors in its disciplines. The College is also responsible for much of the General Education required of all students. The College of Liberal Arts is the center of the university's commitment to developing greater knowledge and understanding of international and multicultural issues in the contemporary world. In teaching students, CLA faculty aim high to inspire them to continue learning, to celebrate diversity, and to engage the world.

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