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Courses - AST Graduate Level

Graduate course descriptions are found in the departmental listings in which they are offered. Graduate courses applicable for the degree (only when the focus is on Asia) are: AH 566, AH 567, AH 568, AH 569, AH 570, AH 571, AH *596, AH *597; A/ST 610, A/ST 695, A/ST 697, A/ST 698; ANTH 516, ANTH 517, ANTH 519, ANTH 597, ANTH 697; ART 611; ASAM 595; CHIN 530A,B,C, CHIN 551, CHIN 590; CWL 503, CWL 522, CWL 548, CWL 550; ECON 690; GEOG 650, GEOG 697; HIST 505, HIST 509, HIST 510(G), HIST 682, HIST 695, HIST 697; JAPN 551, JAPN 562, JAPN 581, JAPN 592, JAPN 695, JAPN 697; PHIL 697; POSC 590, POSC 599, POSC 600, POSC 610, POSC 670, POSC 697; R/ST 646, R/ST *690, R/ST *697.

600. Asian Studies and Languages: Research and Methodologies (3)

Prerequisite: Graduate standing in Asian Studies or consent of instructor.
This course introduces the current trends in research for Asian Studies and languages. It also examines the basic qualitative and quantitative research methods for the disciplines associated with these fields. It requires the development of a concept for the culminating project in A/ST 697.
Letter grade only (A-F).

610. Seminar in Asian Studies (3)

Prerequisite: Graduate standing in Asian Studies.
Selected topics in Asian Studies. Area and discipline of emphasis will vary from year to year. Open to graduate students of Asian Studies. Graduate students in other disciplines may enroll with consent of instructor.
May be repeated to a maximum of 6 units. Letter grade only (A-F).

620. Comparative Traditional Cultures of Asia (3)

Prerequisite: Graduate standing in Asian Studies or consent of instructor
A comparative analysis of traditional Asian cultures—religion and values, social class and caste, family structure and gender roles, political organization and economics—and how these have either changed or still influence opportunities in contemporary Asia.
Letter grade only (A-F).

630. Asia and Globalization (3)

Prerequisites: A/ST 600 or consent of instructor
This course focuses on an analysis of the economic and cultural impact of the inter-regional trade zone (ASEAN) being established in Asia as well as the cultural, social, and economic consequences and trends of globalization on various Asian countries.
Letter grade only (A-F).

692. Directed Research for Comprehensive Examination (3)

Prereq: Graduate Standing and Consent of Instructor
Directed Research under the supervision of a faculty member in preparation of an MA student's Comprehensive Examination.
Letter grade only (A-F). May be repeated to a maximum of 6 units in different semesters.

695. Directed Readings (1-6)

Prerequisites: Graduate standing in Asian Studies and consent of graduate advisor. A/ST 610, or consent of graduate advisor and faculty member supervising the readings.
Directed studies to permit individual students to pursue topics of special interest in Asian Studies.
Letter grade only (A-F). May be repeated for a maximum of 6 units in different semesters.

697. Research Capstone and Practicum (3)

Prerequisites: A/ST 600; A/ST 620 or A/ST 630.
This course prepares the MA student for the presentation of his or her culminating project at the end of this course and for academic conferences. It also informs students about the publication process for scholarly journals and insures that their culminating project is academically rigorous. It guides the student in job searches and prepares the student for interviews across professional fields.
Letter grade only (A-F).

698. Thesis (3)

Prerequisite: Advancement to candidacy, consent of graduate advisor and faculty member supervising the thesis.
Planning, preparation, and completion of a thesis in Asian Studies.
May be repeated for a maximum of 6 units with same topic in different semesters.

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