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Director: Craig Stone

Program Department Office: F03-300

Telephone: (562) 985-8703

Faculty: Craig Stone

Academic Advisor: Craig Stone

Department Administrative Support Coordination: Michelle Seales

Students desiring information should contact the department office for referral to one of the faculty advisors.

Career Possibilities

American Indian Affairs • Anthropologist • Archeologist • Artist• Cultural Resource Manager • Community Organizer • Construction Management • Councilor • Gaming Industry • Environmental Scientist • Engineer • Film Industry • Geographer• Historian • Hospitality Industry • Health Industry • Journalist • Lawyer • Linguist• Medical Industry • Musician • Museum Industry • Politian • Professor • Public Policy Administrator • Parole Officer • Researcher • Sports Industry • School Administrator • Social Worker • Social Scientist • Student Services Professional • Teacher • Tribal Administrator • Writer • Urban/Regional Planner. (Some of these, and other careers, require additional education or experience. For more information, see

About American Indian Studies

The new American Indian Studies Minor in Native American Cultures and Certificate in American Indian and Indigenous Studies allows students to earn a minor or certificate in AIS to enhance their major area of study and still graduate on time.

This is possible because American Indian Studies has developed nineteen partnerships in three colleges with Schools, Departments and Programs that make earning a Minor in AIS both relevant to your career and easier to accomplish. Many majors lead to professions that impact American Indians, so gaining knowledge about American Indian People increases the value of these degrees. These partnerships allow students to take courses that count both for their major requirements and also for the Minor or Certificate in American Indian Studies.

AIS has partnerships with the following:

American Studies • Anthropology • Art • Art History • Comparative World Literature • English • Film & Electronic Arts • Geography • History • Human Development • Journalism • Kinesiology • Museum Studies • Music • Philosophy • Political Science • Recreation & Leisure Studies • Social Work• Women’s Gender & Sexuality Studies

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