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Certificate in Africana Studies

Students majoring in other departments of the University but interested in Africana Studies may concurrently pursue this certificate. Courses used to meet the certificate requirement may, where applicable, also be used simultaneously to meet General Education requirements or the major and minor requirements of cooperating departments.


1. A major in another academic discipline. Certificate can be completed prior to or simultaneously with completion of the B.A. requirement.

2. A minimum of 24 units of which at least 12 must be in upper-division courses, with two or more courses selected from each of the following:

  • Group A: AFRS 110, AFRS 154, AFRS 210, AFRS 325, AFRS 330, AFRS 332, AFRS 335, AFRS 420
  • Group B: AFRS 160, AFRS 343A, AFRS 346, AFRS 363
  • Group C. AFRS 120, AFRS 121, AFRS 200, AFRS 201, AFRS 330, AFRS 354, AFRS 400, AFRS 410, AFRS 454

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