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Certificate Programs

The Department of Kinesiology offers one certificate program. The certificate program are open to students enrolled in the University who meet general admission requirements as follows:

  • 1. Completion of 30 hours of course work;
  • 2. A minimum 2.75 GPA in all completed course work;
  • 3. Admission application and approval by a faculty committee in the certificate program selected.

Certificate in Wilderness Studies

Program is under consideration for discontinuance.

Students may only pursue the certificate program in combination with a CSULB degree program.


1. Wilderness First Responder (WFR) Certification (80 hours)

2. Resume of Outdoor Experiences

3. Coursework (27-29 units):

Take all of the following:

  • KIN 242 Backpacking (2)
    Prerequisites: None.
  • KIN 244 Kayaking (2)
    Prerequisites: None.
  • KIN 246A Mountaineering (2)
    Prerequisites: None.
  • KIN 247A Techniques of Rockclimbing (2)
    Prerequisites: None.
  • KIN 489K Field Work in Physical Activity Settings - Fieldwork in Wilderness Studies (1- 3)
    Prerequisite: Completion of Kinesiology course requirements for the major Option in which field work is taken.

Additional Prerequisites:

  • KIN 242, KIN 244, KIN 246A or KIN 247A, KIN 243C or KIN 245A. Certification in CPR and First Aid, and consent of instructor.
  • REC 427 Legal Aspects of Leisure Services (3)
    Prerequisites: Upper division standing.

Select one of the following:

  • KIN 243C, KIN 245A and KIN 245B

Select three of the following:

  • KIN 243A and KIN 243B, KIN 243C*, KIN 245A and KIN 245B; REC 430.

*if not taken above

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