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Adapted Physical Education Specialist Teaching Authorization

This program is designed for students interested in the administration and implementation of physical activity programs for persons with disabilities in K-12 schools. Completion of this program results in the Adapted Physical Education added authorization for holders of a current Single Subject, Multiple Subject, or Education Specialist basic teaching credential.


1. Bachelor's degree;

2. Concurrent enrollment in or completion of the Single Subject Physical Education teaching credential program or the Multiple Subject or Education Specialist teaching credential program;

3. Take the following courses:

  • KIN 320 Adapted Physical Education (3)
    Prerequisites: BIOL 208.
  • KIN 387 Physical Activities for the Disabled (3)
    Prerequisites: KIN 320.
  • KIN 388 Program Planning and Instruction in Adapted Physical Education (3)
    Prerequisites: KIN 387. Corequisites: KIN 489A.
  • KIN 427 Physical and Motor Assessment (3)
    Prerequisites: KIN 315 or equivalent and KIN 320 or equivalent; upper-division undergraduate or graduate standing; consent of instructor required for graduate students prior to registration.
  • KIN 489A Field Work in Physical Activity Settings (3)
    Prerequisites: Completion of Kinesiology course requirements for the major option in which field work is taken.
  • EDSP 350 Education of Exceptional Individuals (3)
    Prerequisites: None.

Select two courses from the following:

  • ED P 405; EDSP 577, EDSP 578; KIN 526; ASLD 101.

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