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Certificate in Health Care Administration

The Certificate in Health Care Administration is comparable to a minor of 24 units. Components of the program include the forms of organization and operation of health care systems, human resources management, leadership and development, financial management, and marketing. The Certificate may be combined with major programs from a variety of fields, including, but not limited to, behavioral and natural sciences, humanities, health professions, business and public administration, and social work.

Students may only pursue the certificate program in combination with a CSULB degree program.


1. Concurrent enrollment in any bachelor's degree program at CSULB (except Health Care Administration)

2. Minimum GPA of 2.4 in all completed coursework

3. Junior standing

4. Program Director or Academic Advising and Resource Center approval

5. Completion of the following 24 units: ACCT 201; ECON 101; HCA 300, HCA 312, HCA 341, HCA 353, HCA 410 and HCA 450.

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