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Option in Management (120 units)

This option prepares students for management of the business enterprise with attention to the need to create and maintain a desirable internal environment. Additionally, the interface of that environment with the external environment in relation to success of the enterprise is considered. Philosophical basis for the practice of management, ethical considerations and human values are stressed.


1. Take the following course:

  • MGMT 454 Organization Theory (3)
    Prerequisites: MGMT 300, IS 301.

2. Take 15 units selected from the following:

  • CBA 494 (A or B), CBA 485, MGMT 326, MGMT 405, MGMT 406, MGMT 412, MGMT 413, MGMT 421, MGMT 430, MGMT 455, MGMT 456; SCM 410, SCM 411, SCM 414; HRM 361, HRM 446.

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