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Management and Human Resource Management

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Department Chair: TBA

Department Office: College of Business Administration (CBA) 321

Telephone: (562) 985-4753

Faculty: David J. Abramis, Josh A. Arnold, Jeffrey Bentley, Ming Chen, Yoonhee Choi, Philip S. Chong (Emeritus), Chailin Cummings, Kenji Klein, Sal Kukalis, Craig Macaulay, Dana Sumpter, Sabine Reddy, Jessica Robinson, Vicki M. Scherwin, Judy P. Strauss, Xuemei (Sherry) Su, Mark Washburn, Jun Yan, Mona Zanhour

Administrative Support Coordinator: Jessica-Marie McClintock

For MBA with Specialization in Management and Human Resources Management, see Business Administration, Graduate Programs.

Career Possibilities

Human Resource Manager • Management Trainee • Retail Manager • Buyer • Bank Manager • Credit Manager • Property Manager • Hotel Manager • Restaurant Manager • Office Manager • Project Manager • Sales Representative • Insurance Office Manager • Assessor • Industrial Traffic Manager • City Manager • Community Services Director • Logistics Planning Specialist • Manufacturing Planner • Operations Manager

(Some of these careers require additional education or experience.) Various entry-level trainee positions in business and industry are available for graduates regardless of academic discipline.

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