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Department Chair: H. Michael Chung

Department Office: College of Business Administration (CBA) 426

Telephone: (562) 985-4993 (O) 985-5543 (F)


Faculty: Banafsheh Behzad, Omer S. Benli, Lori Brown, Hongyu Chen, Robert T. Chi, H. Michael Chung, Jeanette W. Gilsdorf (Emeritus), R. Michael Godfrey (Emeritus), Mohammed B. Khan (Emeritus), Melody Y. Kiang, C. Sophie Lee, Ying Liu, Khosrow Moshirvaziri, Thang Nguyen, Dee Bruce Sun (Emeritus) C.J. Walter, Yu-Ming Wang, Richard D. Wollmer (Emeritus)

Administrative Support Coordinator: Gordon Thompson

For MBA with Specialization in Information Systems, see Business Administration, Graduate Programs.

Career Possibilities

Business Application Developers • Business Analysts • Database Designers • Web and E-Commerce Developers and Administrators • Webmasters • Wireless and Mobile Application Developers • Business Intelligence Analysts • Data Mining Specialists • Network and Security Specialists • Network Administrators • Social Media Specialists • Information Systems Consultants

(Some of these, and other careers, require additional education or experience. For more information, see

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