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Declaring a Second Major

Students may be allowed to complete the requirements for two baccalaureate programs concurrently in accordance with the Timely Graduation Policy. Students wishing to add a second major must meet the major-specific criteria for the new major as defined in Major Specific Declaration Requirements for CSULB Students. While students are encouraged to pursue their academic interests, all degree objectives (e.g., majors, minors, certificates) must be completed within 120% of the units allowed for the primary degree as stipulated in CSULB's Timely Graduation for Undergraduate Students Policy. Also note that CSULB's Academic Progress Rules for Undergraduate Programs policy stipulates that if any one of a student's three GPAs is below 2.5, the student must have the approval of his/her primary major advisor to add any additional degree objectives. Please note that students whose major GPA is near or below a 2.0 are unlikely to be allowed to pursues additional degree objectives until they have improved their major GPA. Once the student satisfies the specified criteria, the student should meet with the department academic advisor to discuss the possibility of adding the additional major. If the major advisor supports the request, the advisor will electronically submit the request to Enrollment Services. Be aware that additional information may be requested to insure compliance with the policies mentioned above prior to the processing of the request.

One diploma will be issued reflecting both majors. A course, or courses, may be used to satisfy the individual requirements of both majors, without limit, as long as the required pattern of course work is completed for each major.

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