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Change of Major or Other Objective

Students wishing to change a degree objective must meet the major-specific criteria for the new major as defined in Major Specific Declaration Requirements for CSULB Students. The following CSULB policies may affect the student's ability to change majors, Academic Progress Rules for Undergraduate Programs and Timely Graduation for Undergraduate Students.

Once the student satisfies the specified criteria, the student should meet with the department academic advisor to discuss the possibility of changing his/her major. If the major advisor supports the request, the advisor will electronically submit the request to Enrollment Services. Be aware that additional information may be requested to insure compliance with the policies mentioned above prior to the processing of the request.

The evaluation of credits transferred to the University is based in part upon the objective indicated on the application for admission. Students should be aware, therefore, that under some circumstances transfer courses accepted for one purpose may not be acceptable for other purposes.

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