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Additional Baccalaureate Degrees

A graduated student who wishes to pursue an additional baccalaureate degree may be allowed to do so by completing a minimum of 30 units in residence after graduation, of which 24 units must be upper-division courses and 12 units must be in the major. (See the Catalog section on admissions for restrictions on the admission of candidates for a second baccalaureate degree.)

A senior, with advance approval of the Academic Appeals Committee, may earn a maximum of twelve units toward the additional degree while in residence for the first degree. Any courses to be applied to the additional degree must be specified and taken in addition to those needed to satisfy the requirements of the first degree.

Students applying for and accepted to a second baccalaureate degree program who have received their first baccalaureate degree or equivalent from an institution outside of the U.S. will be required to complete any deficiencies in the General Education pattern and will be evaluated for General Education on the same basis as undergraduates.

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