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Senior Citizen Education Program

The Senior Citizen Education Program enables eligible California residents 60 years of age or older to enroll as regular students at a cost of $3.00 per semester. The program, which was founded at CSULB, has been in operation since 1975. Individuals are attending courses in a variety of subject areas and class levels from freshman through graduate standing.

Note: Regular admission standards apply. Requests to waive the application filing fee must accompany the application. Once admitted to the University, students will be sent registration information advising them of the procedures for fee payment and the dates that they may register. Courses are available to program participants approximately three weeks before the beginning of each semester on a "space available" basis. Due to high enrollment and impacted programs some courses may not be available for participation by Senior Citizens.

Participants in the Senior Citizen Education Program are required to maintain good academic standing and are subject to all university policies, procedures, late fee payments and deadlines.

University Course Listings
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