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Living on campus is the ultimate way for students to enhance their college experience. Approximately 2,600 new and continuing students live in three residential colleges that support students personally, socially, and academically. The application period for new residents is typically early March - May 1 of each year.

All first-time freshmen are required to live in campus residence halls during their first year at CSULB unless they are 21 years or older or will be living at home with a parent(s) or legal guardian(s) during their entire freshmen year. Exemptions will be considered if verification is presented for students who are veterans or currently active duty; students who are married, domestically partnered, and/or have legally dependent children; students who have been independent and not claimed by their parent(s) for two calendar years; students carrying five units or less per semester for the entire academic year; students with special circumstances, such as medical or disability circumstances.

For more information about on and off-campus housing, call (562) 985-4187, go to or go to the Housing Office at the corner of Atherton Street and Earl Warren Drive.

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