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Concurrent Enrollment within the CSU

All CSULB students wishing to enroll concurrently at CSULB and one of the other 23 California State University campuses must request permission to do so from the Office of Enrollment Services. Concurrent enrollment within the California State University system is limited to students who have completed a minimum of 12 units at CSULB, have a minimum 2.0 grade-point average, are in good academic standing and have paid fees at CSULB for 12 units or more regardless of the total number of units earned at both campuses. No additional fees may be collected after the last day to add classes. Concurrent Enrollment is subject to space availability and registration priority policies at the host campus.

No graduate student may register concurrently at this and any other collegiate institution without advance permission. Permission may be given for concurrent enrollment at CSULB and other institutions if recommended by the department graduate advisor and approved by the Dean of the appropriate college. Forms for concurrent enrollment may be obtained from the college office. When such permission is granted, the academic load at CSULB must be reduced accordingly.

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