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Academic Services and Campus Life

Advisement Centers and Departments on Campus

CSULB is committed to student success. All academic advising centers and departments are responsible for providing academic direction for new and continuing students. All college specific academic advising units and academic departments provide information and advice about general education, major requirements, and other important academic related policies and procedures. Students are strongly advised to meet with an academic advisor frequently to enhance their overall academic experience and monitor their progress towards attaining their degree goals and objectives.

University Center for Undergraduate Advising

The UCUA is the primary advising center for

  • Undeclared majors as well as those who have doubts or concerns about their initial choice of major
  • Beach Learning Community participants
  • CSULB students on probation
  • Academically disqualified students seeking reinstatement to CSULB
For these populations, we provide:
  • guidance in exploring and formulating academic plans to achieve graduation in a timely manner;
  • recommendations regarding opportunities for personal growth and academic development;
  • interpretation of academic requirements and institutional policies/procedures; (e.g,, issues regarding repeat, withdrawal, unit limits, timely graduation, probation, and reinstatement);
  • campus and community referrals when students encounter academic and non-academic challenges.
The University Center for Undergraduate Advising operates on an appointment basis; however, students may walk in during available Quick Question hours. Visit the UCUA website at or call (562) 985-4837. The UCUA os located in the Horn Center, Room 103.

Bickerstaff Academic Center for Student-Athlete Services

The Bickerstaff Academic Center (BAC) serves as an academic resource for CSULB's NCAA Division I student-athletes. The BAC's mission is to promote student success for our student-athlete population, including helping them maintain the academic standards necessary for NCAA eligibility, persist to graduation, and achieve their overall educational goals. While advising is the core service provided by the BAC, it also has developed additional academic support programs to help student-athletes succeed. These programs include the Freshmen Transitions Program, which assists incoming students acclimatize to university life, Supervised Study Hall, Tutorial Program, Mentoring Program, and Freshmen Academic Skills Workshops.

In addition, the BAC staff closely coordinates with other essential academic support services throughout the University including: The Learning Assistance Center, the Writer's Resource Lab, the Career Developmental Center, Department-based tutorial services, Counseling and Psychological Services, and Student Orientation Advising and Registration. For more information, call (562) 985-4777 or go to KIN-67.

Prebaccalaureate Advising Support Services

PASS provides advising, placement, intervention, and support to admitted students who are required to complete Composition I and Prebaccalaureate Mathematics courses as mandated by the CSU policy. For information, call (562) 985-7895, visit or go to LA5-361.

The Engineering Student Success Center (ESSC)

  • Coordinator of Academic Advising
    Jason Deutschman (562) 985-2729
  • Director of Internship and Professional Development
    Emmitt Clark (562) 985-1719
  • Director of Outreach and Recruitment
    Saba Yohannes-Reda (562) 985-1463
  • Engineering Education Research Associate
    Lily Gossage (562) 985-2489

The Engineering Student Success Center provides key services to students in an inclusive environment that fosters collaboration, community building and academic success skills. The center provides outreach and recruitment activities, first-year experience programs for freshmen and incoming transfer students, mandatory academic advising by professional and peer advisors, tutoring resources, professional development and practice services, and career and graduate school guidance. As a one-stop shop, the center encourages students to visit for help from professional advising staff. The center focuses its full efforts on informing, engaging and encouraging students to be self-directed in their educational planning process and overall academic success.

College of Health and Human Services Academic Advising Center

The CHHS Academic Advising Center provides comprehensive advising for all CHHS discipline majors. For information and appointments, call (562) 985-2691, visit, email, or go to Engineering Technology (ET) Room 237.

Jensen Student Access to Sciences and Mathematics Center (SAS Center)

The James L. Jensen Student Access to Sciences & Mathematics (or SAS, for short) Center serves to support, prepare, and advance the education of students in all fields of science and mathematics through active participation in research, scholarship, and co-curricular activities. We provide numerous student development programs and activities for students in the science and math disciplines, including orientation programs for incoming freshmen and transfer students, pre-health professions advisement, and research opportunities through federally-funded programs. Additionally, the SAS center offers free, drop-in science and math tutoring, career and graduate school preparation workshops. Finally, we offer cutting edge technology infrastructure for students through our G2 Computer Lab. The SAS center is dedicated to educating current and prospective students, family members, counselors, and administrators about the assortment of resources offered at the university in order to encourage overall student participation and academic success. For information, visit, call (562) 985-4682, or visit us in the Hall of Science, Room 164 (HSCI-164).

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