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Academic Regulations

Repetition of Courses

Most courses at CSULB may be completed only once for credit. Certain other courses (see below) may be repeated for additional unit credit. Within limits (see below), any course at CSULB may be repeated for grade forgiveness or grades averaged but without additional unit credit.

Repetition of Courses with Grade Forgiveness or Grades Averaged

Undergraduate students (students who have not yet earned a baccalaureate degree) may repeat, for the purpose of excluding the grade from grade point determination (i.e., grade forgiveness), courses taken at California State University, Long Beach in which a grade of D, F, or WU was received subject to the limits established below. Undergraduate students may repeat courses in which a grade of NC was received for grades averaged only subject to the limits established below. Students pursuing second baccalaureates, credentials, certificates, or master's or doctoral degrees may not repeat courses for grade forgiveness, although they may repeat courses for grades averaged without limits.

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