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Repetition of Courses for Credit

A student may repeat for additional units or credit toward a baccalaureate or graduate degree any course specified as repeatable for credit in the CSULB catalog up to the limits specified. Each department determines the unit limits and any other limitations for its courses that may be repeated for credit. Except for courses specified as repeatable for credit and upper-division courses in an undergraduate student's major completed more than ten years prior to graduation, an undergraduate student may not enroll in or receive unit credit for a course for which the student has already received a C, B, A, or CR , including a university-level course taken at a high school or another college or university. Courses repeated for the purpose of validating major requirements will not count either as additional unit credit or toward the calculation of grade point averages. If a student completes a course with a grade of C, B, A, or CR and wishes to register for the course again only to refresh knowledge, then the student should complete and submit the Exception to Academic Policy for Undergraduate Limit form. If approved, the student must enroll with an audit (AU). (PS 09-05)

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