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Final Course Grades, Grading Procedures, and Final Assessments

Part Two: Course Grading Option

The faculty determines in advance which courses may be taken for "A," "B," "C," "D," or "F" grade only, "CR/NC" only, or either. When a course is designated for "CR/NC" grading only or for "A," "B," "C," "D," or "F" grading only, mention of this fact shall be incorporated in the catalog course description. Any undergraduate course may be designated for or closed to the option of "CR/NC" grading whether or not the course is a requirement for an undergraduate degree major, minor, certificate, credential, or concentration.

No course in which a final course grade of "CR" has been assigned may be used to fulfill the requirements for a master's degree, except that the final course grade of "CR" may be permitted for master's theses or projects (to a maximum of six units) when the individual department has specifically designated "CR/NC" grading for the thesis/project course in the department, and for fieldwork, practicum, research, or internship courses (also to a maximum of six units). The option of "CR/NC" grading for graduate students in undergraduate courses is subject to specific regulations of the individual departments regarding their graduate students and regarding the authorization for this option intrinsic to the approved course. Otherwise, no limitation exists as to the number of courses taken by graduate students under this policy. An undergraduate student may elect "CR/NC" grading in no more than a total of 24 units, of which no more than twelve may be upper division units. No more than eight units per semester may be taken for "CR/NC" grades.

Exemptions from these limitations are:

  • 1. Courses graded "CR/NC" taken at another institution,
  • 2. Course credit earned by examination, and
  • 3. Courses in which "CR/NC" grading is the only form of grading.

The decision to elect the "CR/NC" grading option for a course must be made by the last day to add classes. To elect "CR/NC" grading, the student must obtain the signature of the student's major advisor and a stamp from the department/program in which the course is offered on the appropriate form. The student must then file the signed form with Enrollment Services. The decision to register for a course on a "CR/NC" basis remains in effect unless a change is requested prior to or on the last day to add classes.

The only exception to this rule is for students who declare new majors after the last day to add classes. If the newly declared major requires letter grading for the course in question and the student has elected "CR/NC" grading, then the student may request that "A," "B," "C," "D," or "F" grading be used. Such a change must be requested no later than the last day of instruction. The grading option may not be changed after the end of the semester.

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