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Courses Taken First at Another Institution

If eligible students wish to exclude from grade point determination a grade of D, F, or WU in a course taken at another institution, they may do so by enrolling in an equivalent course at CSULB and filing a Petition for Exception to Academic Policy with Enrollment Services. The department in which the course is taught must indicate on the petition which particular course may be taken to replace the previous grade in the calculation of grade point averages. An official transcript from the institution where the original course was taken must be on file at CSULB. Only one repeat is allowed for the purpose of grade forgiveness, and only the repeated grade and grade points will be used in the determination of grade point averages, provided the second grade was A,B,C or CR. If the repeat attempt at CSULB results in a grade of A,B,C or CR the units will not count toward the 28 unit limit. If the repeat attempt at CSULB results in a grade of D, F, NC, or WU, the student may repeat the course one additional time but only for grades averaged, and the units of the first attempt at CSULB will now count toward the 12 unit limit.

A grade received in a course taken at another institution may not be used to replace a grade in an equivalent course taken at CSULB in the calculation of grade point averages but may be used to replace it for other purposes, subject to approval by the appropriate authority at CSULB, such as an advisor in the major.

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