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Courses Taken First at CSULB

Eligible students may repeat a course once for the purpose of grade forgiveness if the course was repeated only at CSULB. The adjustment is automatically calculated at the end of the semester in which the course was repeated. Although the first grade will remain on the student's permanent record, only the grade and grade points of the repeated course on the second attempt will count toward the grade point averages and units earned, provided the second grade was A, B, C, or CR. If the second grade was D, F, or WU, then both grades will count toward the relevant grade point averages (i.e., grades averaged), and the attempt will count toward the limits for grades averaged detailed below. Students with extenuating circumstances may file a Petition for Exception to Academic Policy with Enrollment Services to repeat a course more than once if they fail to achieve a A, B,C, or CR. In such cases, the additional repeat will not result in the forgiveness of a prior grade (i.e. grades averaged only).

Although there is no time limit for repeating a course, no student's permanent record may be altered after a degree has been granted based on attempts to successfully repeat a course in which a grade of D, F, or WU was obtained.

Undergraduate students may repeat up to 28 units they attempted first at CSULB in order to achieve a C, B, A, or CR in the course. These students may repeat up to 16 of the 28 units for forgiveness of a prior grade in the calculations of grade point averages, subject to the provisions above. Only courses attempted at CSULB count toward the unit limits. The unit value of a course counts only once toward the unit limits regardless of the number of times the student repeats the course at CSULB. Once a student reaches the 16 unit limit, the student may not repeat any additional courses at CSULB for grade forgiveness. Students may repeat up to an additional 12 units at CSULB for grades averaged (i.e., not for grade forgiveness), after which they may not repeat any additional courses at CSULB for grade forgiveness or grades averaged. No courses repeated prior to the fall semester 2009 count toward the 28 unit limit. No courses for which a W was awarded count toward the 28 unit limit. Undergraduate students may appeal these limits for such reasons as immediately impending graduation.

Grade forgiveness shall not be applicable to courses for which the original grade was the result of a finding of academic dishonesty.

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