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Student Unit Load

Recommended Student Load

The faculty recognizes that it is frequently necessary for students to hold part‑time jobs while attending the University. It advises that students enrolling under these conditions use good judgment in planning their programs. Students whose outside employment could be expected to interfere with the normal unit load should reduce their academic program accordingly.

The official unit limit per fall or spring semester is 18 units. Students seeking to exceed the 18-unit limit must complete an Extra Unit Petition form available on the Enrollment Services website.

Students are expected to spend, on the average, two hours of preparation and study for each hour of class time. Thus, a three-unit lecture or discussion course normally demands a commitment of nine hours per week averaged over the semester, with the class meeting for three hours a week. This may be considered sufficient time to enable a student to do satisfactory work. Students who desire to achieve "A" or "B" grades may wish to spend proportionately more time in their studies.

A student's employment and college time combined should not exceed 60 hours weekly. Students who make no allowances for their employment and outside obligations in planning their college programs will bear full responsibility for the resulting level of scholarship.

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