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Student Rights Relative to Course Instructional Mode

1. Student access to the faculty shall not be reduced by the instructional mode of a class.

2. The University shall make every effort to inform students of the mode of instruction and technological requirements of a course offering before the student enrolls in the class.

3. Matriculated students enrolled in non-traditional classes shall have access to the on-site academic advising services at California State University, Long Beach.

4. All students have equal access to the University library and other on-site learning resources offered at California State University, Long Beach.

5. Students in non-traditional classes shall have reasonable support services. These include:

  • A. Phone-based and online technology help to handle student questions and to refer students to appropriate available services for hybrid and local online or distance education courses;
  • B. Online and phone-based access to university administrative services;
  • C. Online dissemination of information describing the resources available for obtaining the technical competence needed to succeed in a specific course offering;
  • D. Online access to the library research databases and other research-related resources.

6. The University shall provide adequate technical support for academic technology.

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