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Enrolling in Classes

Registration dates and detailed instructions can be found on the Enrollment Services website. Continuing students, returning undergraduates and newly admitted graduate students are sent a registration appointment date. Undergraduate students who are new to CSULB register when they attend the Student Orientation, Advising and Registration program (SOAR).

Students may enroll in classes via "MyCSULB" starting on the enrollment appointment day assigned by the University through the first two weeks of the fall and spring semesters. During the third week of the semester written permission on a Late Registration Request form is required from the instructor and a stamp of approval is required from the department. Late registration requests will be considered during the fourth week of instruction with the payment of a missed deadline fee.

Students receiving instructor or department "permission" to add classes via MyCSULB or who have been added to an instructor's wait list or roster must still complete the add procedures by the dates listed each semester. No request to add classes will be considered after the fourth week of the semester unless there is a verifiable technical error.

Students are not permitted to attend any class for which they have not officially registered.

Note: Students must complete the procedures for official enrollment in classes. Instructors, advisors and departments cannot add students into classes.

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