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Course Credit Units

Each course has a specific credit unit value which is indicated in parentheses following the course titles in this Catalog.

In accordance with national standards, each semester unit corresponds to approximately 45 hours of work per semester, counting both class meeting time and outside preparation and study. For a traditional lecture or discussion course, this means that the class will meet one hour a week for every unit in a fall or spring semester (15 weeks of class meetings). For a laboratory or activity course, the class may meet two or three hours per week for every unit.

The instructional "hour" is fifty minutes long, allowing for transit between classes and rest breaks within multi‑hour classes.

Classes scheduled in the six-week summer session, or in a three-week summer or winter session, are scheduled for additional class hours per week so the total meeting time is the same as in a fall or spring semester. Classes taught by other modes of instruction are expected to require the same time commitment as traditionally-scheduled classes.

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