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Advising for Freshmen

CSULB is committed to offering our students the best possible first-year experience; therefore, we have established procedures which will ensure that all students receive accurate and timely academic advising. Advising is an opportunity for students to connect to their college or department advisor, faculty and staff to discuss future educational plans. Through this connection, students will be able to discuss future educational goals, review program options, and receive advice on course selection.
This connection is one of the most important steps to your future success at the Beach! We feel so strongly about ensuring that you have advising as you prepare for your sophomore year, that we require all freshmen to participate in the program prior to registering.
In addition, CSULB advisors can assist in a variety of different ways by working with students to broaden interests; develop academic and career goals; identify major areas of academic interest; create realistic plans of study; increase decision-making skills; take responsibility for academic direction.
All entering freshmen have "advising holds" placed on their records for their first year and will not be able to change their schedules without consultation with an advisor. Mid-way through the semester, freshmen will receive information about the Mandatory Advising Program, a comprehensive advising session to prepare for the next semester course selections. The advising hold will be removed after the student attends the advising session.

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