Adobe Creative Cloud

Adobe Creative Cloud

The Adobe Creative Cloud is available for faculty, staff and students. Log in to Single Sign On and select the Software Depot chiclet.


For Students

  • Subscription to Adobe CC is only $20 per year
  • Applications can be installed on personally-owned computers
  • Subscription can be renewed until separation from the university

For Faculty and Staff

  • Faculty and staff may install up to two copies on personally-owned computers where they have exclusive use. This software may only be used for university business.
  • Campus techs can assist faculty and staff to install Adobe CC on campus computers
  • What software is included?
  • Am I eligible?
  • How much does the subscription cost?
  • I only see trial modes, where do I get the full programs?

Check out our Adobe Creative Cloud FAQs page, or try using the active chat window on this page.


Check out these beginner-level training courses on Adobe products from Lynda and remember that CSULB students, faculty and staff have access to all Lynda content after signing in with your CSULB credentials.

Visit Adobe Creative Cloud for additional sources or search or Youtube for third-party tutorials and walkthroughs.

On-Campus Support

Contact your division, department, or college technologist for assistance with your campus-owned computer.

Please submit questions, problems, or suggestions regarding the Adobe Creative Cloud license.

Have a Question about Adobe Creative Cloud?

Check out our FAQs page for help.

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