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CSULB Computer Use Policy, Sect. 6

Last Modified: 02 Jul 96

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Access right
permission to use a CSULB computing resource according to appropriate limitations, controls, and guidelines

Commercial purpose
a goal or end involving the buying and/or selling of goods or services for the purpose of making a profit

Computing resource
any computing/network equipment, facility, or service made available to users by CSULB

a representation of facts, concepts, or instructions suitable for communication, interpretation, or processing by human or automatic means

Disk space allocation
the amount of disk storage space assigned to a particular user by University Computing Services or the appropriate system administrator

Fair share of resources
Access to hardware, software, connectivity, processing time and power, data storage space, and similar resources, to the extent that this access is:
  • feasible within available budgetary constraints,
  • allocated in a manner consistent with established budgeting guidelines and procedures,
  • appropriate for actual academic needs for computing resources, and
  • consistent with resources allocated to others with comparable academic standing and computing needs.

Fair use
use of computing resources in accordance with this policy and with the rules of an individual CSULB facility; use of computing resources so as not to unreasonably interfere with the use of the same resources by others

a collection of data treated as a unit

Inappropriate use of authority or special privilege
use of one's access right(s) or position of authority in a manner that violates the rules for use of those privileges as specified by the appropriate system administrator or designee.

"Mail bomb"
an electronic mail message that contains destructive program code

a string of characters that a user must supply to meet security requirements before gaining access to a particular computing resource

Proscribed act
any act that violates state or federal law or established University policies

Prudent and responsible use
use of computing resources in a manner that promotes the efficient use and security of one's own access right(s), the access rights of other users, and CSULB computing resources

Remote activity
any computing action or behavior that accesses remote site facilities via a CSULB computing resource

Remote site
any computing/network equipment, facility, or service not part of, but connected with, CSULB computing resources via a communications network

"Robot posting"
an electronic mail message or newsgroup posting which has been generated by a computer program

colloquial jargon for mass distribution of unsolicited and unwanted electronic mail or newsgroup postings

System administrator
any individual authorized by the Chancellor, an appropriate Vice President, Dean, or other authority to administer a particular computing hardware system and/or its system software

the transfer of a signal, message, or other form of intelligence from one location to another

Usage record
information or data indicating the level of usage of computing resources by a particular user

any individual -- whether student, faculty, staff, or individual external to CSULB -- who uses CSULB computing resources

User id
a character string that uniquely identifies a particular user to a CSULB computing resource

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