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Courses - EOP - Educational Opportunity Courses

100. Educational Opportunity Program Orientation (2)

Introduction and orientation to college life for EOP students. Review of campus and community resources available to support students participating in the EOP. Instruction in various academic survival skills necessary for college success. Letter grade only (A-F).

150. Research Career Exploration Sciences (3)

Prerequisites/Co-requisites: Composition II (AFRS 100, ASAM 100, CHLS 100, or ENGL 100)
The course is designed for entering or undeclared students to evaluate the diversity of career opportunities available to those having doctorate degree in the sciences. Students will develop knowledge and skills that are designed to cultivate curiosity and an identity as a scientist.
Letter grade only (A-F)

300. Orientation for EOP Transfer Students (1)

Assists with decisions regarding academic, professional and personal lives. Familiarizes students with University academic policies, MyCSULB, Beach board, library research tools and databases, exploration of academic programs and career options, refines study skills and provides network opportunities.
Credit/No Credit grading only.

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