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Certificate Programs and Graduate Study

Students, whether graduates of CSULB or of another accredited institution, may complete the requirements for and be awarded certificates while in graduate standing. Certificate programs are of two types: baccalaureate certificates which may be taken concurrently with or following the award of the baccalaureate degree, and graduate certificates which require post-baccalaureate standing. The graduate certificates are listed below, with the department responsible for each certificate indicated in parentheses.

Graduate certificate programs require at least 12 units of course work, of which at least 9 units must be at the 500- or 600-level. Courses taken to fulfill the requirements for the master's degree may also be applied to certificate requirements, if the certificate program permits, but such overlap may not exceed 15 units. Courses in directed research, directed reading, internship, and independent study may comprise no more than 3 units of a graduate certificate program. Thesis and student teaching may not be used on the program. No more than twenty-five percent of the units required for the Academic Certificate program shall be transfer units. A grade-point average of at least 3.0 must be maintained in the graduate certificate program's course work. All credit courses in the Academic Certificate program shall be graded in the traditional manner (i.e., A through F), except for those courses that are offered only on a Credit/No Credit basis. Graduate-level certificate programs must include at least 9 units at graduate level courses.

If you wish to pursue a graduate certificate program, you should review the course requirements given in the department course listings of this catalog. You should notify the relevant department of your intention to pursue a certificate program as early as possible so as to receive early advisement on the program.


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