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Fees and Financial Assistance

Parking Fees

Parking at CSULB is limited. Parking permits are required 24 hours a day, Monday through Sunday, and the vehicle code is enforced at all times. For additional information please go to or contact the Parking Office at (562) 985-4146.

To request a partial or full refund, attach all parking documents, permits stickers, decals and gate cards to the refund application and return to Cashier's Office, Brotman Hall 148. Refer to the Schedule of Classes for deadline information. There shall be no refund if such amount is less than $10.

There shall be no refund for:

  • 1. Coin operated parking meters.
  • 2. Daily permits for coin operated parking gates.
  • 3. Special events.
  • 4. Fees paid by monthly payroll deductions.

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