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Minor in Food Science

Preparation for employment in the Food Science Industry may be developed through completion of this program of study. Eighteen units including:

Take all the following:

*"C" or better

  • FSCI 101 Franken Food: Fact or Science Fiction (3)
    Prerequisites: None
  • FSCI 232 Food Science (3)
    Prerequisites: HFHM 176
  • FSCI 432 Food Analysis (3)
    Prerequisites: CHEM 227, FSCI 232 or equivalent.
  • FSCI 435 Food Processing, Preservation and Packaging (3)
    Prerequisites: FSCI 232 or consent of instructor.


  • FCS 490 Special Topics in Family and Consumer Sciences (1-3)
    Prerequisites: None
  • FSCI 469 Food Product Development (3)
    Prerequisites: A grade of ā€œCā€ or better in FSCI 232 and in FSCI 435 or FCS 490.
    Prerequisite/Corequisite: FSCI 432

Take 3 units from the following:

  • FSCI 338 Introduction to Food Processing (3)
    Prerequisite: A grade of ā€œCā€ or better in BIO 201 and FSCI 232. Open to FSCI declared Majors, FSCI minors and declared NUTR majors only
  • FSCI 492F Internship in Food Science (3)
    Prerequisites: Student must be a Family and Consumer Sciences: Food Science major; have senior standing; have a 2.5 overall GPA or a 3.0 major GPA; approval of a faculty advisor in Food Science; and FSCI 232. Each prerequisite course must be completed with a grade of "C" or better.
  • NUTR 336 Social and Cultural Aspects of Food and Health (3)
    Prerequisites: For Dietetics Concentration NUTR 132, NUTR 234, SOC 335; for Nutritional Sciences Concentration NUTR 132, SOC 335.

Adhere to prerequisites below, some fulfill GE requirements:

  • 1. MATH 109 or higher, and a passing score on the Chemistry Placement Examination are prerequisites for CHEM 111A;
  • 2. CHEM 111A (GE Area: B1b) is a prerequisite for CHEM 227;
  • 3. BIOL 201 is a prerequisite for FSCI 338.

The Minor in Food Science is available to any non-Food Science major.

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