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Starting with submissions for the 2019-2020 Curriculum Cycle, we will be using our new curriculum management system, Curriculog. All submissions that are due on November 2, 2019, will be submitted using Curriculog. We will offer training during August and September to prepare you for using the new system, and a schedule of training sessions will be posted on this page after August 1, 2018. We will also offer virtual tutorials and support for your questions; please email us at

Chancellor's Office Resources

 *Additionally, please note that we have removed the Word and PDF versions of the Curriculum Handbook as we are in the process of transitioning into a 100% online-based system for the Catalog and Handbook.


Date Updated
06/29/2018 2018-19 Curriculum Calendar (Timeline, Due Dates) Published; notes added about Curriculog system on ToC page and Forms page.
08/23/2017 Curriculum Checklists and Curriculum Process Flowchart added
07/20/2017 2017-18 Curriculum Calendar (Timeline, Due Dates) Published

Updated Section V.

Updated language regarding Roadmaps.

2016-17 Curriculum Calendar (Timeline, Due Dates) Published

08/19/15 Updated Word/PDF versions of Section I to match online Attachment 1.1 - University Catalog Production Cycle

2015-16 Curriculum Calendar (Timeline, Due Dates) Published
04/17/15 Curriculum Changes Best Practices PDF document added to Changes to Courses Section
02/23/15 Baccalaureate Degree Unit Limits Updated
02/23/15 Curriculum Forms Updated
08/26/14 Language regarding Academic Minors has been updated to match new minimum requirements.
05/06/14 2014-15 Curriculum Calendar (Timeline, Due Dates) Published
05/06/14 Update to Attachment 2.2 - Unit Characteristics of Programs
05/06/14 Update to Attachment 1.1 - University Catalog Production Cycle
02/25/14 Slight update to "Normal Class Size" numbers in the Course Classification (CS Numbers) Table
12/17/13 Updated link to CSU Chancellor's Office Proposal Template for New Degree Programs in Section II - Program Development and Approval.
11/04/13 Updated Section IV regarding Standard Course Outlines; corrected links to superseded policy statements and out-of-date PS references in text.

Section One: Curricular Authority and Publications - Word word document | PDF pdf document

Attachment 1.1 Catalog Production Cycle

Section Two: Program Development and Approval - Word word document | PDF pdf document

Section Two - A: Requirements for Off-Campus Degree Programs - Word word document | PDF pdf document

Attachment 2.1 Glossary of Program Terms
Attachment 2.2 Unit Characteristics of Programs
Attachment 2.3 Coversheet: Program Projection, Implementation and Major Program Change
University Research Council (URC) Form
Attachment 2.7 Coversheet: Honors in the Major Program
Attachment 2.8 Curriculum Form: New Lower-Division Honors Course Word Document
Attachment 2.9 Curriculum Form: New Upper-Division Honors Course Word Document
Attachment 2.10 Policy Statement 08-12: University Honors Program
Attachment 2.11 Policy Statement 85-08: Certificate Programs
Attachment 2.12 Academic Master Plan

Section Three: Program Discontinuance - Word word document | PDF pdf document

Section Four: Courses and Curricula - Word word document | PDF pdf document

Attachment 4.1 Curriculum Calendar
Attachment 4.2 Course Classification Chart
Attachment 4.3 Form: Substitution or Waiver or Prior Published Degree Requirements PDF Document
Attachment 4.4 Policy Statement: 08-11: Avoid Unnecessary Duplication of Courses
Attachment 4.5 Standard Course Outline Sample
Attachment 4.6 Policy Statement 04-05: Course Syllabi
Attachment 4.7 Form: Course Fee 
Attachment 4.8 Policy Statement 03-11: Academic Technology and the Mode of Instruction

Section Five: Academic Program Review - Word word document | PDF pdf document

Section Six: General Education - Word word document | PDF pdf document

Attachment 6.1 Policy Statement 08-00: General Education Policy

Section Seven: Articulation - Word word document | PDF pdf document

Section Eight: College of Continuing and Professional Education - Word word document | PDF pdf document