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Connection a Laptop to Panel and Projector

Toggling from Monitor to Data Projector Setting on a PC’s  

Note: If you are getting a Blue Screen and a “No Signal” message, hold down the Function key and one of the “F” keys at the top of the keyboard to toggle from your laptop monitor to the DATA PROJECTOR. Which “F” key will depend on your laptop, but the word “monitor” or an icon of a monitor will usually identify it.  It will usually be F3, F5 or F7.

Sample figures:

Function key is usually on the bottom left of the keyboard On Compaq Presario laptops, press the  function key (Fn) plus F3 On Sony PCG-GR laptops, press the  function key (Fn) plus F7 On Toshiba Satellite laptops, press the  function key (Fn) plus F5




Function key Fn

Compaq Presario                   Monitor key: F3

Sony PCG-GR*             
Monitor key: F7               

Toshiba Satellite                     
Monitor key: F5


If you have a Dell Computer:

  • Right-click on the Windows desktop and select 'Properties'. This will open the 'Displays' control panel.
  • Select the `Settings' tab; a monitor position visual depiction will be displayed. It is safe to ignore this.
  • Instead, look for the `Advanced' button. Press this.
  • A new dialog box will appear; Here's what to look for
    • In one of the tabs (`Displays' or something like that),there's an option to choose whether the internal LCD screen or the external display (the projector) is the 'Secondary' display - there's a radio button at the bottom of the window under each.
    • You want the external monitor (projector) to be the `primary' display, so be sure that the `secondary' button is selected for the internal LCD screen and not selected for the external monitor.

Toggling from Monitor to Data Projector Setting on a Mac

  • Macs should not require a manual toggle from monitor to project, except in the case of some older laptops. If you have one of these older Mac laptops it may be necessary to go to the Monitor Control Panel and select the Data Projector.

Trouble Shooting

Question: My picture is distorted.

Answer: Try reducing the resolution on your monitor. 1024 x 768 is the maximum recommended for use with our data projectors. If you have a fairly new laptop the default setting may be higher.

Question: I see the DVD Volume Control on the amplifier.  Where can I find the volume control for Auxiliary Video, Laptop, and VCR on the amplifier?

Answer: Smart panel volume control is used for controlling audio volume for Auxiliary Video, Laptop, and VCR.

DVD volume control is used for control audio volume for DVD player only.


Graphic designs by Chris Brocoff, CSULB art major. Copyright, 2010.

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