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Bob Cole Conservatory of Music

Please start with the "Application Process" page before proceeding with instructions on this page. Requirements, supplementary materials, and deadlines vary by program.

Graduate Auditions

A performance audition is required for acceptance into the degree programs of the Bob Cole Conservatory of Music. Prospective students should schedule a music auditon before you receive notification of your acceptance into the university. All entering students who have been admitted to the university are required to pass a performance audition and take a theory placement examination.

Audition Requirements

Students wishing to audition should prepare solo, etude, or art song material from the standard repertoire of approximately 10 minutes in length. The selection(s) should demonstrate both technical and lyrical skills. For specific audition requirements, including prescreening where required, please see table below.

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Graduate Audition Requirements / Area Director Contacts
Program Graduate Audition Requirements Area Director
Brass Music from the standard solo repertoire, lyrical and technical études, and orchestral excerpts. Music from your senior recital and excerpts from any orchestral audition list are appropriate. Études need to be from a graduate level étude book (i.e Charlier, Bordogni, Bitsch, and Blazevich). Rob Frear
Vocal and Opera Voice voice_grad.pdf
**Prescreening audition required**
David Anglin
Conducting (Choral) choral_conducting_grad.pdf
**Prescreening audition required**
Jonathan Talberg
Conducting (Orchestral) orchestral_conducting_grad.pdf Johannes Müller Stosch
Conducting (Winds) Please contact your area director for more info. John Carnahan
Composition No audition required; please visit the Composition Studies area for application requrements. Alan Shockley
Jazz Instrumental inst_jazz_grad.pdf
Vocal vocal_jazz_grad.pdf
**Prescreening audition required**; please follow the audition instructions in each document carefully.
Instrumental—Jeff Jarvis
Vocal—Christine Guter
Keyboard Piano piano_grad.pdf
**Prescreening audition required**; please visit the Keyboard Auditions page for additional instructions.
Shun-Lin Chou
Music Education No audition required; please visit the Music Education area for application requrements. Tamara Thies
Music History No audition required; please visit the Music History area for application requrements. Alicia Doyle
Percussion Percussion percussion_grad.pdf
**Prescreening audition required**
Ted Atkatz
  1. An Étude or a Caprice
  2. Two movements from an Unaccompanied Bach Sonata or Partita, or the Chaconne
  3. A movement of a Concerto
  4. A virtuoso piece or a work written after 1975

Bass: bass_grad.pdf

Note: If you wish to audition with a different set of pieces, please email Moni Simeonov

Woodwinds Flute: flute_grad.pdf
Clarinet: clarinet_grad.pdf
Oboe: oboe_grad.pdf
Bassoon: bassoon_grad.pdf
Saxophone: saxophone_grad.pdf

For other instruments, please contact for more info.

Jermie Arnold

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Graduate Audition Day and Open House

The following timeline is a sample Graduate Audition day.

Bob Cole Conservatory Rooms Directory PDF format (848k) cole_room_map_public.pdf


12:00pm Daniel Recital Hall Lobby

Welcome and Orientation

12:30pm Daniel Recital Hall
(Johannes Müller Stosch, chair; Alexander Miller/Alicia Doyle, Graduate Advisors)

Audition times will be assigned by the graduate advisor and sent via email.

Ensembles to Visit

  • University Orchestra, Johannes Müller Stosch, 7:00pm-9:45 pm, Room UMC-A311
  • CJO (Concert Jazz Orchestra), Jeff Jarvis, 12:00pm-12:50pm, Room UMC-A307
  • Percussion Ensemble, Ted Atkatz, 1-2:50, Room UMC-A311
  • Chamber Choir, Matthew Hazzard, 1:00pm-2:50pm, Room UMC-A301

Classes to Visit

  • Flute Masterclass, John Barcellona, 3:00pm-5:00pm, Room UMC-C100
  • Piano Forum, Shun-Lin Chou, 3:00pm-4:00pm, Room UMC-A506
  • Graduate Composition Workshop, Alexander Miller, 5:00pm-6:50pm, Room UMC-C403
  • French Diction, David Anglin, 4:00pm-4:50pm, Room UMC-C403
  • Brass Orchestral Lit, Rob Frear, 3:00pm-4:50pm, Room UMC–A307
  • Opera Rehearsal, David Angin / Brian Farrell, 7:00pm-9:00pm, Room UMC-A301 / A504
  • Steel Drum Orchestra, Dave Gerhart, 7:00pm-9:45pm, Room UMC-A311

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