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Bob Cole Conservatory of Music

Ensemble Placement Auditions

The Bob Cole Conservatory features 12 major performance ensembles and over 20 chamber ensembles. All students must audition for placement. The auditions are highly competitive; students are expected to practice all excerpts and other requested material to the best of their ability. For guidance preparing the audition, contact your area director.

**If you are a Prospective Student looking for audition information for admission into the Bob Cole Conservatory, please visit the Prospective Students Page and follow the instructions there.

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Ensemble Placement Preparation Day

Tuesday, August 1, 9:00am-2:00pm Room UMC-A311

Open to all students, this is an opportunity to go through the blind audition process to help you better prepare for the auditions in the following weeks. Applied faculty may be available to offer specific feedback on audition excerpts. We greatly encourage incoming students to attend this preliminary session.

To attend, please RSVP to

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Brass & Woodwinds

All students enrolled for Fall 2017 MUST audition for ensemble placement.

Brass and Woodwind students have blind auditions, meaning the adjucators will not know who is auditioning. Arrive 5 minutes before auditions for your instrument are scheduled to begin (see table below). For example, oboe players must arrive by 7:55am. Audition order will be determined by a random drawing.

Bring your audition material with you into the room. While in the room do not speak or you will be asked to leave and audition at a later time. A graduate student will proctor the audition; you may whisper to them if necessary.

Articulation Studies

In addition to the repertoire listed for your instrument, prepare to perform all of the articulation and phrase studies from the table below.

Audition Times

Woodwinds: Wednesday, August 23, Room UMC-A311

  • Oboe: 1:00pm-2:00pm
  • Bassoon: 2:00pm-3:00pm
  • Flute: 3:00pm-4:30pm
  • Clarinet: 5:00pm-6:30pm
  • Saxophone: 6:30pm-8:00pm

Brass: Friday, August 25, Room UMC-A311

  • Trumpet: 2:00pm-3:30pm
  • Horn: 3:30pm-5:00pm
  • Trombone & Bass Trombone: 5:30pm-7:00pm
  • Euphonium: 7:00pm-7:30pm
  • Tuba: 7:30pm-8:00pm

Orchestra, Brass and Winds call-backs: Saturday, August 26, Room UMC-A311

  • All: 1:00am-2:00pm
Ensemble Placement Repertoire
Instrument Repertoire Area Director
Articulation &
Phrase Studies
Articulation ep-articulation.pdf
Phrase Studies ep-phrase-studies.pdf
Brass Trumpet ep-trumpet.pdf
Horn ep-horn.pdf
Trombone ep-trombone.pdf
Bass Trombone ep-bass-trombone.pdf
Euphonium ep-euphonium.pdf
Tuba ep-tuba.pdf
Rob Frear
Woodwinds Bassoon ep-bassoon.pdf
Clarinet ep-clarinet.pdf
Flute ep-flute.pdf
Oboe ep-oboe.pdf
Saxophone ep-saxophone.pdf
Jermie Arnold

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Strings Ensemble Placement

All students enrolled for Fall 2017 MUST audition for ensemble placement.

New incoming students as well as all returning students must play an audition. Orchestra seating will be based on this audition. If you are not familiar with some of the repertoire, please make sure you listen to the pieces and know how they go. (Every year there tend to be a few students who play excerpts at either half or 2x their tempo—a clear indication of insufficient preparation.)

Please prepare excerpts based on the following notation (written in the sheet music you will download in the table below):

  • E for everyone
  • P for principal and University String Quartet (scholarship and top quartet at BCCM)
  • So for section only (don’t have to prepare P won’t receive consideration for principal position)
  • Students auditioning for principal AND USQ don’t have to play So

Not everyone wanting to enroll in chamber music will be able to. There is limited enrollment—based on audition.

Also, there will be Beach Orchestra again this year (mostly for non-majors) that rehearses one day per week in the evenings. There in an opportunity for music majors to play in this group as well and gain leadership experience in principal seats. Some majors who do not make the cut for the Symphony Orchestra may be rotated into this ensemble for a semester and receive their large ensemble credit

For your audition the following is required:

  • Solo piece about 3 min. (sonata, concerto excerpt, etude)
  • Orchestral repertoire based on the supplied excerpts (always choose the upper line on divisi when there is a choice)
  • Sight-reading

Sheet music is organized via instrument and can be downloaded from the table below. Follow the instructions for repertoire for your instrument.

A Note from Professor Simeonov

Dear Strings,

The audition list is quite challenging but so is the orchestra repertoire for the season. Please listen, count, practice, and perfect all of the relevant excerpts. About two weeks to ten days before the audition, I will tell you exactly which passages we will ask for.

Those of you auditioning for principal positions and/or the University String Quartet should prepare the appropriate excerpts in addition to the regular audition. You will get to perform the Principal/USQ repertoire as a call-back, on the evening of the audition day.

I will schedule mock auditions starting the first week of August. Many of you will be preparing for AYS, Debut, and YASO auditions as well.

Right now, it may feel like you have "all summer" to prepare. In order to represent yourselves and your studios appropriately, you must start working on the repertoire today.

Please let me know if I can be of help.

Good luck!

Have a great rest of the summer,

Moni Simeonov


Johannes Müller Stosch
Director of Orchestral Studies

Audition Sign-ups, Date, and Times

Audition Date: Sunday, August 27, 1:00pm in Room UMC-A311 (orchestra rehearsal hall)

Sign-up for a time by email: link forthcoming in August

Everyone MUST audition on that Sunday. Results will be posted on Monday, August 28 prior to 1:00pm where music will be handed out. Rehearsals start on Wednesday, August 30 at 1:00pm.

Miscellaneous information

Dress Code for Orchestra Performances

Women will need a black (ankle-length) skirt or dress (no pants or jeans) and a black top with long or 3/4 sleeves. Men should have a black tail coat, a white bow tie and a white vest or white cummerbund, with black pants and dress shoes.

Concert Dates for the 2017/18 Season

Bob Cole Conservatory Symphony

  • Friday, September 22
  • Friday, October 13
  • Friday, November 17
  • Friday, February 9
  • Friday, March 16
  • Opera (Chamber Orchestra): April 6-8 (four performances)
  • Celebrating Music: Sat, May 5

Beach Orchestra (predominantly non-major)

  • Monday, December 4
  • Friday, May 4

Chamber Music

  • String Chamber: Wednesday, November 8
  • University String Quartet: Thursday, November 9
  • Collegium Musicum: Monday, November 13
Ensemble Placement Repertoire
Instrument Repertoire Area Director


Moni Simeonov


Moni Simeonov


Moni Simeonov
Double Bass


Moni Simeonov

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Percussion Ensemble Placement

All students enrolled for Fall 2017 MUST audition for ensemble placement.

Sign-up sheets will be located on Professor Atkatz's door, Room UMC-A518.

Audition Times

Saturday, August 26, Room UMC-A503

  • 9:00am-12:00pm

IMSLP Excerpts Downloads

Percussion orchestral excerpts may be available for download on the IMSLP website. Search by composer name for best results. ***Rep coming soon***

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Choral Ensemble Placement

Auditioning for the Chamber Choir, Opera, and Pacific Standard Time requires significant preparation; you will need to work for many weeks ahead of the auditions if you want to be in our top ensembles.

All music majors are expected to audition for and perform in a major ensemble. In the choral area, those ensembles are Chamber Choir, University Choir, and ’49er Chorus.

Chamber Choir Requirements

To audition for the Bob Cole Chamber Choir, you must prepare a classical solo, 2-3 minutes in length, and the two pieces available in the table below. All singers invited to Chamber Choir callbacks must attend on Friday, August 25, from 6:00pm-9:00pm.

University Choir Requirements

For University Choir, please prepare 32 bars of any accompanied classical, musical theater, or folk song. You will be asked to sight-read and to demonstrate your pitch memory. Those who audition for Chamber Choir will automatically be considered for University Choir.

Choral Audition Sign-Up Sheets

There will be audition sign-up sheets posted on Dr. Talberg’s office door, UMC-A508, as of Tuesday, August 1. Emailed requests for audition times will be accepted on a first come, first served basis after August 21st by sending a request to

Audition Times

Chamber Choir

  • Wednesday-Friday, August 23-25. Times on Dr. Talberg’s door, UMC-A508.

University Choir

  • Wednesday-Friday, August 23-25 & Monday-Tuesday, August 28-29 for students who cannot make the audition the week before. Times on Dr. Talberg’s door, UMC-A508. If you plan to audition the first week of school, please email Dr. Palkki at

Men’s and Women’s Choruses

  • The First and Second Weeks of school. Simply come to class on Monday night (and bring a friend).

’49er Chorus

  • No audition required as it is open to all memebers of the University Community
Ensemble Placement Repertoire
Ensemble Repertoire Area Director
Chamber Choir Voice ep-go-lovely-rose.pdf
ep-chichester-psalms.pdf **Updated 6/28**
Jonathan Talberg
University Choir Prepare 32 bars of any accompanied classical, musical theater, or folk song. Joshua Palkki
Men’s and Women’s Choruses Be prepared to sing anything you’d like; an accompanist will be provided. Jonathan Talberg
’49er Chorus No audition required. Jonathan Talberg

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Opera Institute Auditions

Audition Times

Saturday, August 26 from 12:00pm-5:00pm in the Daniel Recital Hall.
Call-back auditions will occur on Tuesday, August 29 from 3:00pm-5:00pm in the Daniel Recital Hall.

The Audition Sign-up Sheet will be available on Monday, August 21, and will be located on the OPERA CALL BOARD outside the Choral / Vocal office, UMC-A501 (opposite Dr. Talberg’s office).

To anyone not in last year’s Opera Class: unless we have already worked together in coaching repertoire, please also sign up for a brief (20 min.) visit with Dr. Anglin (in UMC-A518). These sessions will take place on Wednesday-Friday August 23-25. This is just a chance to get to know each other beyond the audition; we can chat, work on some music—whatever seems right!

Ensemble Placement Repertoire
Ensemble Repertoire Area Director
Opera Institute

Please be prepared to sing two selections from memory. One selection must be an aria; one selection must be in a language other than English.

Operatic repertoire is preferable but Art Song and Musical Theatre are okay if you are new to opera.

David Anglin

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Vocal Jazz Ensemble Placement

Our Vocal Jazz Ensembles, Pacific Standard Time, Jazz & Tonic, and Corner Pocket are highly-select 12-voice ensembles open to all music and non-music majors at the University. You must download all audition information (under "Ensemble Placement Repertoire" in the table below), print it, fill it out, and bring it with you to your audition.

Please sign up for an audition time using this link:

If you have any questions, please contact Christine Guter at

Audition Times

Wednesday, August 23 from 1:00-6:00pm in Room UMC-A504
Thursday, August 24 from 10:00am-6:00pm in Room UMC-A504

Ensemble Placement Repertoire
Ensemble Repertoire Area Director
Vocal Jazz ep-vocal-jazz.pdf Christine Guter

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Jazz Ensemble Placement

Jazz students audition the week before each Fall Semester and are placed in a Jazz Performance Ensemble based on the merit of their audition. Ensemble Placement Audition information is available in the Jazz Studies Handbook in the table below; additional information is posted on the Jazz Studies bulletin board across from the Jazz Rehearsal Room, UMC-A307, the first week of August.

Please sign up for an audition time using this link:

For Vocal Jazz auditions, please see the Vocal Jazz section above. If you are planning to audition for Jazz Combos but will not be participating in any of the large Jazz Performance Ensembles, please see the Jazz Combo Placement section below.

Ensemble Placement Repertoire
Ensemble Repertoire Area Director
Jazz Please see pp. 16-18 of the Jazz Studies Handbook for audition requirements and repertoire. Jeff Jarvis

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Jazz Combo Placement

This year, Jazz Combo placement will require an individual audition. For those who would like to participate in Jazz Combos but are not taking a Big Band audition, extra slots on a third day will be provided (August 23).

If you already have a Big Band audition slot scheduled, or will be scheduling one, you need NOT attend a Wednesday audition as your Big Band audition will also cover combo placements. There will be no evening group auditions this year. Results will be posted by the first day of classes (August 28) on the Jazz Studies Bulletin Board.

NOTE: The first combo meeting (mandatory for all participants) will be Thursday, August 31 at 7:00PM in UMC-A307 (Jazz Room), and will cover details and procedures of the combo program. Those not in attendance may be removed from their assigned group, so be sure to mark this date in your calendar!

How To Audition

If you are looking to participate solely in combos but not big bands, please print the audition sheet and review the tune list in the "Ensemble Placement Repertoire" table below.

Then sign up online using the audition sign up page here (no account registration is required):

What To Bring To Your Audition

  • Your completed audition form
  • Sheet music for repertoire below, if needed
  • Play-along for tunes not listed in the repertoire on a CD or media player (aux cable provided)
  • Instrument (drum hardware, piano, and bass/keyboard amp provided)
Ensemble Placement Repertoire
Ensemble Repertoire Area Director
Jazz Combos Audition Sheet: ep-jazz-combos.pdf

  1. You will need to choose from one of these tunes (play-along provided or bring your own accompaniment):
    • Satin Doll
    • Take The A Train
    • Donna Lee
    • Stablemates
    • Invitation
    • Ceora
    • Joy Spring
    • 26-2 or Confirmation
    • Blues or Rhythm Changes head of your choice
  2. Another tune of your choice in a contrasting style and tempo (please provide your own accompaniment). This can be another tune from the above list providing it is different in style and tempo from the first tune.
Jimmy Emerzian

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