Degree Information

Bachelor of Music, Option in Music History and Literature

The Bachelor of Music degree with an option in Music History is intended for students planning on graduate musicology/ethnomusicology studies, and those desiring the intellectual challenge of in depth research and writing about music for their personal development. The program is highly selective, requiring good language, writing, and critical thinking skills, determined by a review of academic work and written papers. Generally, there are 2 to 5 students in this option at any time. The emphasis of the option is Western music (both art and popular), its structure, performance practices, and historical context; however, upper division offerings also include multi-cultural gender studies, film music, jazz, organology, and a variable topic ethnomusicology seminar to provide various cross-cultural perspectives. Interdisciplinary studies in music within the humanities and the arts are also emphasized. Broad humanistic studies are encouraged within the General Education package through advising.

Master of Arts, Musicology

A prospective candidate should arrange for a conference with the area director, Alicia M. Doyle, at Placement examinations are required to validate qualifications for graduate work. All general requirements of the University must be met in addition to departmental requirements.

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