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The Bachelor of Music—Music Education degree
California Teaching Credential (offering Choral and Instrumental emphases)

  1. A Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Music—Music Education degree, or a Bachelor's degree with a minimum of 24 units of upper division coursework in music comparable to those required of a music education major in music at this university.
  2. Applicants who hold music degrees in other areas need to meet subject matter competence through either transcript review and completion of recommended coursework, or successful completion of the CSET exam in music education.
  3. The student must request all institutions of higher learning attended to send two (2) official copies of transcripts: one to the Office of Admissions and Records and one directly to the Graduate Advisor in the Department of Music. Transcripts presented to the Admissions Office by the student are not acceptable.
  4. All applicants must submit three (3) current letters of recommendation and a current resume directly to the Graduate Adviser in the Department of Music.
  5. All accepted students are required to complete the Department of Music Graduate Placement Examination before registering in courses applicable to the Master of Arts degree. (Under special circumstances, a student may take the examination during the first semester in which he or she is registered in courses applicable to the degree.)
  6. A grade point average of 3.00 or better in upper division music courses. Students who do not meet the 3.00 grade point average requirement or specified balance within the required 24 units of upper division music but who possess outstanding or unusual qualifications that promise a significant contribution to the Master of Arts program may petition for a special review from the Department Graduate Committee.
  7. All Master of Arts students must present a philosophy of music education statement for review by the Graduate faculty. It is advised that Music Education applicants have a Teaching Credential and at least two years public/private school teaching experience. Candidates that do not have teaching experience but who possess outstanding or unusual qualifications that promise a significant contribution to the field of music education may petition for a special review from the Department Graduate Committee.
  8. Present a digital video of full class instruction (minimum 30 minutes).
  9. Digital copy of video lesson plan linked to state content standards and National Core Arts Standards.
  10. Students seeking a Master's in Music Education as well as a teaching credential should contact the Director of Music Education. The teaching credential is a 45-unit program in addition to the requirements of the Master's Degree.
  11. Candidates that hold out of state credentials or licenses may be eligible for the California Preliminary Credential.

Sample sequence of Music Education coursework in Bachelor of Music Degree

In addition to the Bachelor of Music Degree and University General Education (GE) Graduation requirements, Music Education coursework includes the following:

Additional Coursework
Year Core Music Education Choral Only Instrumental Only Credential Courses
Year 1 Fall Semester Percussion Methods
Year 1 Spring Semester Guitar Methods
Year 2 Fall Semester Single Reed/Flute Methods
Brass Methods
Diction Voice Class
Year 2 Spring Semester String Methods
Double Reed Methods
Piano Proficiency Exam
Year 3 Fall Semester Elementary General Music Advanced Choral Conducting
German Diction
Advanced Instrumental Conducting Introduction to Teaching Music
Year 3 Spring Semester Arranging French Diction
Vocal Development
Instrument Repair Education of Exceptional Individuals
Performance Recital
Year 4 Fall Semester Emerging Methods in Music Education Elementary Choral Technique and Lit Elementary Instrumental Methods and Lit
Marching Band Techniques
Child Psychology
Year 4 Spring Semester Emerging Methods Chamber Performance Secondary Choral Rehearsal Techniques
Specialized Choral Ensembles
Secondary Instrumental Rehearsal Techniques
Beginning Jazz Methods
Health Science for Secondary Teachers
Year 5 Credential Program Fall Curriculum and Methods in Music
U.S. Secondary Schools
Curriculum, Instruction, Assessment & Classroom Management
Reading and Writing in Secondary Schools
Year 5 Credential Program Spring Student Teaching
Student Teaching Seminar

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