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Bob Cole Conservatory of Music

Music Education

Choosing to study Music Education at the Bob Cole Conservatory will prepare you for an exciting career teaching music. Our experienced music education faculty has extensive K-12 teaching experience, and will be able to provide you with the knowledge and skills necessary to successfully teach music and build your own comprehensive music program. Earning a BM in Music Education from the Bob Cole Conservatory will give you the knowledge, skills and confidence to be a successful teacher.

The music education program at California State University, Long Beach is designed to prepare future K-12 music teachers. Our undergraduate music education majors are encouraged to begin Pre- and Co-requisite coursework for the California Single Subject Music Teaching Credential in their junior year.

Students who wish to become teachers in K-12 schools should audition as music education majors.

Students who wish to be studio teachers or who plan to go directly to graduate school after their undergraduate studies would be better served with a performance degree.

ConneXion Cohort

Each year we recruit a select group of musicians (4-6 students) with unique, specialized performance skills who desire to become music teachers. Graduates of the ConneXion Cohort will study traditional (band, orchestra, choir) and alternative ensembles styles and pedagogy (e.g., popular music, mariachi, technology, music production, etc.).

Students with unique qualifications who are interested in the ConneXion Cohort should contact Dr. Thies.

Visit the ConneXion Cohort page

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Bachelor of Music—Music Education, Option in Instrumental Music and Bachelor of Music—Music Education, Option in Choral-Vocal Music

The Subject Matter Program in Music is designed to provide students with a foundation in music (theory, history, literature, performance, applied music, conducting, and music education including the academic and creative aspects of music learning and performance), while also providing the training and experiences necessary for a successful teaching career in the ethnically and culturally diverse California public schools. Prospective teachers in the program are exposed to a variety of teaching styles, including cooperative learning, project-based instruction, and expository, activity-based, and interactive teaching styles. The music faculty believes that a skilled teacher provides engaging, meaningful, and intellectually challenging learning opportunities for all students by drawing on a strong foundation in music and the liberal arts for a broad understanding of the historical, aesthetic, spiritual, and political condition; a deep knowledge of subject-specific content, a range of pedagogical strategies to utilize appropriate teaching contexts; and a sensitive understanding of students from different backgrounds with diverse social, emotional, and intellectual needs.

Upon completion of their degree (a four-year program), music education majors receive a Bachelor of Music in Music Education (pre-certification), and may choose to apply to the Credential Program through the College of Education. During this fifth-year of study, students complete a series of courses and a directed teaching (student teaching) experience, leading to the California Single Subject Teaching Credential in Music.

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