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Jazz at the Beach

A Letter From The Area Director

Greetings prospective students,

Thank you for your interest in the Jazz Studies program at the Bob Cole Conservatory of Music at California State University, Long Beach. We hope to welcome you to "Jazz at the Beach"—a prestigious collegiate jazz program with a long and proud history. In 1975, California State University, Long Beach became the first four-year college in California to offer a B.M. in Jazz Studies; we were one of only fifteen institutions of higher learning in the United States to include Jazz Studies in their degree offerings. In 1993 the M.M. in Jazz Studies was established at CSULB. More than three decades later, our program has evolved into one of the finest programs anywhere. Our close proximity to Southern California’s numerous recordings studies, sound stages, and performance venues makes "Jazz At The Beach" a great place to complete your jazz education, and for a very affordable cost.

"Our #1 priority is to help you develop into a versatile, credentialed, and gainfully employed music professional."

Bob Cole Conservatory Jazz Studies alumni that have made significant contributions to the music industry include John Patitucci (bass), Mark Turner (saxophone), Tom Kubis (saxophone/composer), Richard and Karen Carpenter (The Carpenters), Chad Wackerman (drums), Andy Martin (trombone), Luther Hughes (bass), Vince Johnson (The Four Freshmen), Stan Martin (trumpet), Bill Liston (saxophone), Jay Mason (saxophone), Sal Lozano (saxophone), Basil Poledouris (film composer), Jay Anderson (bass), and Jeff Kashiwa (saxophone).

What We Can Do For You

Our #1 priority is to help you develop into a versatile, credentialed, and gainfully employed music professional. We teach you, advise you, and perform with you in classes and rehearsals. Since the workplace is extremely competitive for even the finest musicians, we have created an environment similar to your upcoming professional career that will help you develop good work habits, such as dependability, preparedness, punctuality, and a professional image. Those who join our jazz community develop a lifelong habit of curiosity, critical thinking, confidence, and humility. If you are ambitious and open to multiple points of view, you are positioned to realize the true essence of jazz music, which is to venture beyond the written page—to create.


Jeff Jarvis headshot and signature.

Jeff Jarvis
Area Director, Jazz Studies
Bob Cole Conservatory of Music

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Degrees Offered

Bachelor of Music, Option in Performance—Concentration in Jazz Studies

The Jazz Studies degree at CSULB is a specialized Bachelor of Music performance concentration that seeks to: make students aware of jazz music’s place of importance in the development of American culture in the Twenty-first Century and its overall contributions to music in general; raise the awareness of both the educational and local community to this important art form and to encourage continued acceptance of jazz as America’s truly indigenous music; and offer an effective course of study which will aid in the development of talented new artists within the field as well as to offer a well-rounded educational experience. It is the goal of the jazz studies area to produce graduates that will have the necessary professional skills in many areas to be gainfully employed within the music profession. These include developing outstanding skills in jazz performance, composition and arranging.

Master of Music, Option in Performance—Concentration in Jazz Studies

The Jazz Studies degree at CSULB is a specialized Master of Music performance concentration that offers an advanced course of study designed to position students for success in today’s highly competitive professional music scene. This is accomplished by stressing a uniform balance of pedagogical and performance objectives. Upon completing the program, the individual is adequately prepared to perform at the highest level, while also functioning effectively as a jazz educator and nurturing mentor in rehearsal, classroom, or workshop settings. The curriculum includes developing outstanding skills in jazz performance, advanced improvisation and a thorough understanding of jazz history. Graduate level theory, jazz composition and arranging courses are offered, plus graduate students have the option of enrolling in independent study advanced jazz composition and arranging with industry recognized professional writers. The jazz studies graduate cohort meets regularly with the Director of Jazz Studies to participate in shaping policies and procedures that advance quality and effectiveness of the program.

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Pacific Standard Time & Jazz and Tonic

Christine Guter and Jonny Arenas, directors

Join us for an exciting evening of music hosted by our award-winning, internationally acclaimed vocal jazz program!

  • Saturday, November 23, 2019
  • 8:00pm
  • Daniel Recital Hall
  • Tickets $10/7

Jazz Lab Band

Kyle Myers, director

  • Sunday, November 24, 2019
  • 4:00pm
  • Daniel Recital Hall
  • Tickets $10/7
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