Early Start Math (ESM 100)

  1. The goal of ESM 100 is to prepare students for college-level mathematics classes. ESM 100 is designed to provide students ample opportunities to meet peers and mentors and provide students guidance to navigate through a myriad of requirements and resources during the overwhelming first year of college.
  2. Use the Schedule of Summer Classes to enroll in an ESM 100 class that works for your schedule.
  3. All students of ESM 100 will receive a free ALEKS PPL license, making EMS 100 a zero material cost course.
  4. ESM 100 students will work with ALEKS PPL at home for a minimum of 5 hours a week for 5 weeks. The work involves learning mathematics topics by reading materials, watching video tutorials, and practicing problems on a computer.
  5. ESM 100 will take place in a computer lab; however, students are also welcome to bring their personal laptop to use during class.
  6. During class, students are expected to ask questions, interact with peers and instructors, and become increasingly more familiar and comfortable with learning in a college environment.